Creighton’s development approved in CBD

The $53 million Rola Property Group’s mixed-use development at 27 to 37 Mann St and 125 Georgiana Tce, Gosford, which included the heritage-listed Creighton’s Funeral Parlour, was approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel on December 15, 2016.

By a vote of three panel members to two (and one abstention due to a perceived potential conflict of interest), the Central Coast JRPP gave consent, signed off the following day by the Central Coast Council, for the demolition of existing structures, retention and adaptive reuse of the Creighton’s Funeral Parlour heritage item and erection of a new 18-storey retail, commercial, restaurant and residential development with 132 units and 205 car spaces.

The original development application was lodged with the former Gosford Council in August 2014 and was resoundingly rejected by the community and other stakeholders, including the National Trust, for the DA’s failure to incorporate the preservation of the Creighton’s building.

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Expressions Of Interest Sought To Develop The Remaining Former Gosford Public School Site

Property NSW called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) on July 5 for a partner to deliver a proposed mixed-use building at 32 Mann St, Gosford, and develop the remaining 1.1 hectares of land on the former Gosford Public School site.

The expression of interest could result on the remainder of the school land being filled with a third mixed-use building. CEO of Property NSW, Mr Brett Newman, said the EOI process will seek feedback on a mix of different development opportunities for the site, including restaurants, car parking, short-term accommodation, residential and generous open space for the community. “By partnering with the private sector, the government can deliver on its pledge to kick-start the local economy, extend and revitalise the CBD and deliver hundreds of new jobs to the region,” Mr Newman said.

According to Mr Newman, the expression of interest “seeks a developer to partner with the NSW Government to build the six storey, 7,000m² mixed use commercial building and purchase the mixed use precinct for development into a vibrant and active area connecting the Gosford CBD to the waterfront. “The release of the EOI follows the recent community drop-in sessions in Gosford, allowing the community to find out more about the government’s plans to activate this dormant site, which will inject tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. “These sessions were well attended and are part of the government’s commitment to engage with the community throughout this process,” Mr Newman said.

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New government building announced in Gosford

The controversial former Gosford Public School site on the New South Wales Central Coast is set to become home to another government office building, as part of plans to relocate more than 300 public sector jobs to the city.

Key points:

  • Another government office building to be built on Gosford Public School site
  • Development to include retail space and al-fresco dining
  • Building will help accommodate the 600 new government jobs coming to Gosford

State Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet today reaffirmed the Government’s election promise to move the finance positions from Sydney into a new six-storey commercial building on Mann Street at Gosford.

The development, to include retail space and al fresco dining, will be right next door to the Commonwealth’s contentious tax office building.

“Predominantly we’re looking at Office of State Revenue and Finance within the Department of Finance and that really ties in really well with the ATO jobs up there so there’ll be 300 jobs from finance,” Mr Perrottet said.

“There are already 600 extra jobs going in from the ATO so you’re looking at close to a thousand jobs in that precinct and the flow-on effects of that I think are substantial.”

But the Government’s decision to go ahead and build a second office building on the key waterfront site has left some shaking their heads.

Wyong MP David Harris, who is Labor’s Central Coast spokesman, said the Government was not listening to the public.

The Commonwealth’s decision last year to develop the ATO building on the former school site was widely criticised, with many arguing the community was never consulted about the plan.

Local MP questions location of new building

Mr Harris said building another government office block on such an iconic site was a slap in the face for the community.

“This Government’s reaction, as usual, with their hands on their ears, is to go and announce a second office block on the site,” he said.

“Surely there’s room in the current WorkCover building.

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Goverment announces plans for the old Gosford school site

THE wait is over. The future of the old Gosford School site has been revealed and the vision does not include a regional performing arts centre.

Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet today announced a development application would be lodged within weeks to deliver a six-storey, 7000sq m mixed-use commercial building housing 300 finance workers and ground-floor retail and alfresco dining.

It will be built next to the proposed ATO office block.

At the same time an expression of interest will be issued looking for private developers to deliver the government’s plans for the remainder of the 1.6ha site.

This vision is for a mixed-use building with employment, food and beverage, retail, parking, short-term accommodation and residential uses.

During an exclusive briefing delivered to the Express Advocate before the official announcement this morning, Mr Perrottet said the time for talking was over.

He said the government would push ahead with its plans for the old school site despite calls for a regional performing arts centre to be built on the site.

He said a range of other sites were being considered for the performing arts centre including the proposed Waterside development in Mann St.

“Our plan will revitalise the entire precinct, it will bring Gosford alive,” he said. “It means 300 jobs will be relocated to Gosford from Sydney, on top of the government’s commitment to a further 10-year lease on its site in Donnison St where there are over 620 staff.

“That’s almost 1000 government jobs in Gosford and another 600 from the ATO.

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